Prayers Needed

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Local Prayer Buletine

Twinkle: Hons. Papers, Salomon, Bijayalaxmi, Bunny, Rinku: 12th Final Exams, Deepa: 10th Board Exam
Sreejoy’ Abrode Shifting, Lenny & Lewie’s growing in the Lord, Raghu’s Family Problems, Jayanta’s Repentance, Deepa’s Marriage, Rabi’s Prayer, Ajit’s healing from cancer, Johnson’s Healing from dumbness, Bhawani’s Healing from mental disorder, Bridegroom for Amit & Bride for Jhuni. Rina’s Healing from TB, Runu’s Healing from Infection, Manik’s Healing from diabetics, Bhikari’s Healing from Glaucoma, Puspa & Dipali for Child, Babaji & Jitika for Child.

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