Cloud Nine Ministries, founded by Pastor Rev. Prachiranjan Das, is a non profit, inter-denominational Christian faith ministry, working exclusively in Odisha and in different parts of India, for the edification of churches at large through Crusades, Meetings, Seminars and through different Training modules since 2004.

In the year 2007 Pastor Prachi got a vision from the Lord Almighty to prepare a chain of prayer to bind the strongholds of the satanic forces on this earth and declare the  power and might of the savior Lord Jesus Christ unto every souls to bring healing on to the nations through the Gospel.

Spirit of the Lord Says – Make a chain – Point out the captivity; show them that it shall come, and show them the reason: “Because the land is full of bloody crimes,” Eze 7:23

would you join us to pray for the whole world !



warriors are on their knees to pray from you

  1. I have an interviw on 22nd of march at Delhi.

    Pray for me…….

  2. Peter Abbey says:

    For more than 16 years now I have been experiencing parasitic movements in the form of maggots and/or worms inside by body through my veins with associated severe bites at all times. I have visited the hospital/ clinics many times and have taken natural supplements but to no avail. My situation has gone from bad to worse. I have been doing personal prayer also.
    I request that Almighty God through the healing power of His SON Jesus Christ heal me from these parasitic worms infestation, heal every internal injuries caused due to the activities of these worms, restore my health back to normacy,destroy all the worms from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet.I request for serious fervent prayers to be said on my behalf.
    I do make this solemn request in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ-Amen.

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