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Covid 19 Pandemic: Abraham (HYD), Jhuna (MDP), Arun (CDR), Pas. Bijay (PHB), Chandan (BBS).

Physical Illness: 1. Raju with Liver  Cirrhosis for Chronic Alcohol Consumption, lost job, with a new believer wife. 2. Lulu’s Son in law is diagnosed with Cancer. 3. Prasanna’s Heart Operation, 4. Itisree diagnosed with breast cancer

Exams and Compitatives: Riya (BSC), Lenny (10th), Rahul & Munmun (9th)

Prayers Needed

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Local Prayer Buletine

Twinkle: Hons. Papers, Salomon, Bijayalaxmi, Bunny, Rinku: 12th Final Exams, Deepa: 10th Board Exam
Sreejoy’ Abrode Shifting, Lenny & Lewie’s growing in the Lord, Raghu’s Family Problems, Jayanta’s Repentance, Deepa’s Marriage, Rabi’s Prayer, Ajit’s healing from cancer, Johnson’s Healing from dumbness, Bhawani’s Healing from mental disorder, Bridegroom for Amit & Bride for Jhuni. Rina’s Healing from TB, Runu’s Healing from Infection, Manik’s Healing from diabetics, Bhikari’s Healing from Glaucoma, Puspa & Dipali for Child, Babaji & Jitika for Child.

Weekly Prayer buletine

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Local Prayer Buletine

Marriage: Jhuni, Amit, Ushi, Deepa, Dipali
Old-Age Complication: Geetika, Alaka,
Sickness: Bijaya (Feaver), Bhawani (Mental), Johnson (Dumbness)
Studies: Lenny, Lewie, Samarpita, Ajaya

Christi & Jemima – Exams
Pranati – Scored 70%
Soan & Boby – Exams
Siju – Job Transfer

Anthony – Salvation
Ragamma – Salvation
Rahul & Wife – Settlement in one place
Sheela – Family
Baby – Salvation

Amulak – Back Ache
Roshak – High Feaver
Jessi – Leg Injury
Johnby – Lever Problem
Selma – High Blood Sugar
Samuel – Pnumonia
Santha – Stomach Pain                                                                                                                     Chetan (7) – Serious                                                                                                                       Santosh – Demon Possesed