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Dear Friend in Christ,
To take part in the 50 Days Miracle March (50DMM), scheduled for a victorious triumph in every believer’s spiritual life, I greet and welcome you in Jesus’ name.

Fasting and prayer has got a significant role in the spiritual life of every believer. Bible history clearly proves about the role of prayer and fasting in the lives of warriors of faith. Moreover it is scriptural to be in prayer and fasting. Jesus himself has directed His disciples about the necessity of fasting and prayer. (Mathew 17:21). In the early church days, believers were spending days in prayer and fasting. (Acts 13:2-3). Many Christians do not believe in fasting and prayer and keep themselves away from it. Even some times we refrain from fasting prayers just because of few controversial issues. Here are some useful Scripture based guidelines which will help you to get into another powerful side of your spiritual realm. I hope even though you are giving a second thought for fasting prayer you can easily decide and get your questions answered, while going through this guide book.

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God Bless You

50 Days Miracle March

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Dear Friend in Christ,
To take part in the 50 Days Miracle March (50DMM), scheduled for a victorious triumph in every believer’s spiritual life, I greet and welcome you in Jesus’ name.

During the Mosaic Law, The feast of Pentecost (the Feast of New Offering) was celebrated fifty days after the Passover (Le.23:15-16). At the Passover, the Israelites were delivered from Egyptian bondage and on the Pentecost, God gave his law on Mount Sinai, It was at the Jewish Passover, Christ was degraded, humbled, and ignominiously put to death, but at the following festival, the Pentecost, he was highly glorified; and the all conquering and ever during might of his kingdom then commenced. More over on the Pentecost, God sent down his Holy Spirit, like a rushing mighty wind; and tongues of fire sat upon each disciple. Here after started a new life, a new era of spiritual prosperity in the lives of the believers. The new offering of the sacrifices of praise, the new offering of complete surrendered souls, and the new offering of giving with the fullness of heart started taking over the spiritual realm of the believers.

This 50 Days Miracle March, had enabled the early church to enter through the supernatural highway of victorious spiritual realm. This miracle march was a catalyst for them to get the Total Healing. They received a miracle healing from their physical problems, they get healed from the spiritual dryness and they experienced the healing from the financial scarcities. Thus the early church entered into a miracle era of Total Healing. All this happened because they came to the Lord with all of their heart, surrendering completely under the Throne of Grace.

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God Bless You

CNM Miracle Crusade

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Christi & Jemima – Exams
Pranati – Scored 70%
Soan & Boby – Exams
Siju – Job Transfer

Anthony – Salvation
Ragamma – Salvation
Rahul & Wife – Settlement in one place
Sheela – Family
Baby – Salvation

Amulak – Back Ache
Roshak – High Feaver
Jessi – Leg Injury
Johnby – Lever Problem
Selma – High Blood Sugar
Samuel – Pnumonia
Santha – Stomach Pain                                                                                                                     Chetan (7) – Serious                                                                                                                       Santosh – Demon Possesed

Weekly Prayer Buletine

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October 4-5, Soura Revival Camp at Seranga, Dist: Gajapati, Odisha

November 9-10, Ashish Mohostav, Dist: Angol, Odisha

December 9-11, CNM Annual Meet, Grace Land, Dist: Cuttack, Odisha


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A new believer from ABC underground church cell at Dhenkanal District healed from partial parallysis of her limbs now healed & accepted Jesus…
An woman from ABC underground church cell at Joronda brought her 60yrs old husband for prayer is healed from complete blindness now able to see & accepted Jesus…

Original names and places withheld….

Prayer Needs (Local)

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A seeker from a devoted idol worshipper background needs prayer for the healing of her partially paralysed hands… (name and place remains secret)


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