Christi & Jemima – Exams
Pranati – Scored 70%
Soan & Boby – Exams
Siju – Job Transfer

Anthony – Salvation
Ragamma – Salvation
Rahul & Wife – Settlement in one place
Sheela – Family
Baby – Salvation

Amulak – Back Ache
Roshak – High Feaver
Jessi – Leg Injury
Johnby – Lever Problem
Selma – High Blood Sugar
Samuel – Pnumonia
Santha – Stomach Pain                                                                                                                     Chetan (7) – Serious                                                                                                                       Santosh – Demon Possesed

Weekly Prayer Buletine

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October 4-5, Soura Revival Camp at Seranga, Dist: Gajapati, Odisha

November 9-10, Ashish Mohostav, Dist: Angol, Odisha

December 9-11, CNM Annual Meet, Grace Land, Dist: Cuttack, Odisha


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A new believer from ABC underground church cell at Dhenkanal District healed from partial parallysis of her limbs now healed & accepted Jesus…
An woman from ABC underground church cell at Joronda brought her 60yrs old husband for prayer is healed from complete blindness now able to see & accepted Jesus…

Original names and places withheld….

Prayer Needs (Local)

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A seeker from a devoted idol worshipper background needs prayer for the healing of her partially paralysed hands… (name and place remains secret)


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Please visit us at And follow us at Also watch us at God Bless You all…

Prayer Needs (Local)

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Pray for Physical Healing:
Alaka Pradhan (Cdr.), Sukesh Das (Ctc.), Banika Gochayata (Dkl.), Anju Behera (Kpd.)

Fellowship Meet

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Join us at Olive House,
Near Orissa Engineering College,
Baldiabandha, Dhenkanal
14th & 15th June’11
ABC Church Fellowship Meet
(Angol & Dhenkanal Cluster)
N.B: Special Day Service for New Believers & Seekers.
Keep Praying…

  • 18th-21st Fasting Fire Meet at Fellowship Center, Choudwar from 11am – 12pm.
  • 22nd Good Friday Service & 23nd Fasting Prayer at 10:30am, ABC Church.
  • 24th Victory Day Celebration at 5:30am at ABC Church.
  • Do join us…